About US


Civic Party is a political party whose aim is to promote democracy and social justice. We are committed to making Hong Kong an economic success, and that means better quality of life and better opportunities for everyone, sustainable development, healthy environment and rich cultural life. We firmly believe this can only be achieved by working closely with civil society.

We welcome everyone who shares our goal and our conviction to join Civic Party, so that together we can do something for Hong Kong which is our home. This is a very positive way of doing our civic duty.

Civic Party aspires to be a “governing party”. This means we try to think constructively and act responsibly, and not to oppose for the sake of opposition. We try to develop proposals which enable people to have a real alternative.

Civic Party has a simple structure of District Branches and Young Civics Branches. The Party is managed by an Executive Committee of 20 members which is led by the Chairman and the Leader. Generally speaking, the Chairman looks after the overall development of the Party, and the Leader leads the Party in LegCo. We have adopted this dual leadership model because we want to make sure that Civic Party will develop in a balanced and inclusive manner.

If you are interested to find out more about us or apply to join as a member, please contact us in any of the ways below:

Tel : 2865 7111
Fax : 2865 2771
Address : Unit 202, 2/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Email : contact@civicparty.org