Founded Manifesto


Our Mission

The Reunification with China has opened a new era for Hong Kong, entrusting to it a new historic mission: to build a system whereby Hong Kong people genuinely govern Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy according to the principle of “one country, two systems”, under Chinese sovereignty. The Basic Law states that this system is to be one of universal suffrage for the election of the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council, respect for the rule of law, and protection for the rights and freedoms of every Hong Kong resident as enshrined in international instruments. This historic mission is the responsibility of everyone in Hong Kong.

In the decade following Reunification, Hong Kong's endurance has been tested to the limit. Struggles against problems of livelihood and governance, challenges to the rule of law and constitutionalism, and delay in the progress towards democracy, have at times brought discouragement and dejection. We must raise up our spirits again now. To this end, we are creating a new political party which is all embracing and committed to Hong Kong. We aim to gather together in unity all those who are prepared to serve and accomplish this historic mission. This is our aspiration and our cause.

Our Inheritance

Hong Kong is an immigrant society driven by an indomitable will to succeed. Our location, our historical, economical, and cultural ties with the Mainland of China and our international outlook, our sense of citizenship and participation, and our dedication to bringing about a democratic China , had combined to make this a unique city which is open and free and full of vitality. This is the foundation of our future.

Our Vision

We believe Hong Kong and its people deserve a brilliant future far surpassing the colonial past. We believe everyone should be given a fair chance to succeed and work towards the fulfillment of his or her potential. We believe in the creation of sustainable communities and in the improvement of the quality of life as a common goal. We believe economic development should be pursued in that context and not for its own sake. We believe social harmony and stability can only come about with social justice and equity. We believe in protecting public resources which belong to the entire community for the enjoyment of present and future generations. We believe a civilized society is one which is pluralistic, compassionate, which respects the dignity and worth of each individual and values diversity.

Such a society can only be built upon the rule of law, the protection of individual rights and freedoms, and an elected government which truly enjoys the wide support of the people. That Government must take civil society into partnership, reflect the will of the community, and affirm the commitment to constitutionalism. We believe that all those who take Hong Kong as their home should recognize their civic duty, and do their part in bringing about a fair and just society.

We believe the Government of the HKSAR must use the powers entrusted to it to remove the entrenched privileges and out-dated bureaucratic barriers which are causing stagnation and stifling free enterprise. Only then can the gap between the rich and the poor be addressed and the vulnerable be given the care they require, the diligent allowed to reap their reward and the young look to the future with hope and confidence.

Our Commitment

The Civic Party is committed to bringing about this future for Hong Kong. We seek to establish democratic government founded upon these beliefs. This entails pursuing and maintaining effective dialogue with our sovereign, developing a strong partnership with civil society, participating in public affairs and elections, pursuing a policy agenda which gives expression to our vision, and promoting and defending these values by all legal and peaceful means within our power.

We shall embrace all cultures in their diversity, respect and protect everyone's right to culture and room for creativity. Recognising cultural growth to be organic and people-oriented, we pledge to work in partnership with our various communities so that the vitality inherent in each of them may be released, to bring forth a cultural life which is rich and sustainable. In this way, Hong Kong will come into its own as an international cultural city, open in its vision, strong in spirit, and deeply rooted in its origins.