Please support us and show your generosity!

The Civic Party needs to raise a modest HK$5 million per year to support our operation. Our Party’s finances mainly rely on donations from individuals. Your generosity will help realize our vision. You can support us through one-off donation or join our monthly donation programme. We encourage you to commit to our monthly donation programme as this can provide a more stable income for the Party to better pursue and fight for democracy and social justice in Hong Kong.

If you also hold the same vision as ours, do not hesitate and join our donation programme now!

Donation Methods:

You can support Civic Party’s effort in pursuance of social justice and democracy by making One-off Donation or Monthly Donation:

Method 1: HSBC PayMe Scan the following QR code via HSBC PayMe
Method 2: FPS Donation by FPS (Faster Payment System) via the following Email address or Mobile number

Email address:
Mobile number: 61176322

Method 3: Bank-in to the Civic Party Account


Bank of East Asia:

Please return the completed 1.Donation Form with the 2.Pay-in Slip (Original or Copy) to us by mail (Address: Unit 202, 2/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong) or by fax (tel: 2865 2771)

Method 4: Crossed Cheque Please make crossed cheque payable to "The Civic Party Limited" and send the completed 1.Donation Form to us together with the 2.Crossed Cheque by mail (Address: Unit 202, 2/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong). If you make donation by drawing an e-Cheque, please send the e-Cheque PDF file to

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 2865 7111 or send email to


FAQs about Donation:

1. Will receipt be issued after donation?
Ans: Yes. The Civic Party will issue the official receipt, together with a thank you letter, two weeks after receiving the donation. Please kindly fill in the Donation Form and return to us in order to let us post the receipt to your correspondence address.

2. Is the donation qualified for the tax deduction?
Ans: The Civic Party is a political party registered under Companies Registry. We are not on the list of charitable institutions and trusts. Therefore, we regret that your kind donation is not qualified for the tax deduction at the moment.

3. For the Monthly Donation Program, where can I get the “Bank Authorization Form”?
Ans: If you are interested in our Monthly Donation Program, please fill in the Donation Form and post it back to the Headquarters of the Civic Party. We will mail the bank authorization form to you by post separately.

4. If I want to withdraw the Monthly Donation Program in the future, do I need to inform the Civic Party?
Ans: Yes. If you want to withdraw the program, you can contact your bank to quit it, and then inform the Civic Party for further arrangement.