Position Papers

The Civic Party's comments on the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong's Consultation Paper: ADVERSE POSSESSION
The Civic Party greatly appreciates the time and effort the Law Reform Commission’s Adverse Possession Sub-Committee has put into the consultation paper.  The reform of the law on adverse possession is a complex topic to tackle, both for the theoretical justifications for and against reform, as well as for the various practical difficulties that would come into play should any changes be made to the current law.
Re the Government's Proposal for the Kowloon City Urban Renewal Plan
  The government's urban renewal plans in recent years would usually trigger suspicions of, and protests against issues including unfair compensation, forced relocation and seeming collusion between the authorities and businesses.  
Re the Government's Proposal for the Re-organization of the Government Secretariat
The Civic Party objects to the current process which we believe is entirely improper. An important policy proposal such as the currently proposed government restructuring should be the considered proposal of the Government, and not just the personal preference of the Chief Executive elect.
Reclamation outside the harbour only as last resort for specific needs
Civic Party has studied the Strategy to Enhance Land Supply, and will submit the following views during the current Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise ... ...  
Towards a Sustainable and Open Electricity Market
At present, electricity is put under the Economic Development & Labour Bureau (EDLB). We need an integrated approach taking into account environmental concerns as well as the need for an overall energy policy. Hence we propose an Independent Energy Authority (IEA) be set up as soon as possible with a view to the regulation of a competitive market ... ...